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Are bad things good for me?

Are the bad things which happen in our lives good for us?

I’ve finally found the answer to this question, in the book Don’t Be Sad by ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni. He says, “Everything that is decreed for the Muslim is best for him” (pg 139). And it’s not just his own statement; on further investigation (sounds so smug, like Sherlock Holmes), I found that it’s supported by a hadith in Musnad Ahmad:

“I am amazed by the believer. Verily, Allah does not decree anything for the believer except what is good for him.” (Daily Hadith Online)

Incredible, isn’t it?

All those messes we made in our lives, all those sad things that we’ve had to endure – all of it was good for us. Stop a moment and let that idea sink in. That job

That job interview you bungled? Yeah, it was good for you.

That horrible mess your kid made in the kitchen while you were washing clothes? That’s right, it was good for you.

That depressive episode when you would lie in bed all day, mentally paralysed? Right on!

Actually, it works the other way round too. When Allah wants good for you, He puts you through trials. (Bukhari)

Therefore, as long as you’re a believer till you die, hold on to this comfort when things go wrong. It will give you strength to maintain your spiritual balance in sha Allah.


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